The mid-term elections will be upon us on November 6 and companies and their employees have a significant stake in the outcome. But too many people still say they don't vote because they are too busy or that their schedule won’t allow it. The key to healthy democracy is participation in our elections. 


Employers can lead the way in making it easier for Americans to vote. That’s why we are encouraging America’s companies to grant their employees paid leave to vote on election day this November. 


Many leading businesses already provide their employees with the flexibility they need on election day. By providing voting leave, companies not only make a commitment to their employees--they make a commitment to our democracy. Businesses also benefit when their employees’ voices are heard. 


Please sign on so that ASBC can let the country know that your business believes that our democracy matters. Let us know how you are contributing to this effort.

To show our dedication to voting, ASBC is offering two hours of paid leave to our employees. We are also reaching out to other businesses to encourage them to do the same.  

ASBC is asking our elected officials to support the Time Off to Vote Act, which would grant all employees the ability to use paid leave and go vote without the fear of lost wages or losing their job. We’ve also joined the Make Time to Vote campaign and participated in the TurboVote Challenge.  

Right now, too many workers have trouble getting to the polls. Nearly half of the states do not require employers to provide employees paid leave to vote. More than a third of states don’t require employers to allow their employees to take unpaid leave to vote.   

Being too busy or having a conflicting schedule is one of the top reasons people give for not voting. No one should have to choose between their paycheck and their right to vote. A shift worker who works 40 hours a week would forgo 5% of their weekly salary if they take two hours off to vote.  

Employers are already leading the way in making it easier for Americans to vote. ASBC member companies like Patagonia lead the way in offering paid time off, while companies like Lyft are offering free rides to the polls. The current Congress will oppose voting rights legislation -- even legislation like the Time Off to Vote Act to give people paid time off to vote. We are reaching out to businesses across the country who are committed to strengthening our democracy in 2018.